tape deck demos 2012

by Mouse Teeth

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released 14 November 2012



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Track Name: Soggy Jeans/Stay Away
Bogged down, downtown, soggy jeans
No dollars to my name
Bottom shelf whiskey in my veins
Painting dismal scenes

Taxi driver penciled in
No destination here
Singing songs and rubbing dimes
To buy another beer

Well ain't it weird how they walk and talk
Day to day in in a self-imposed gridlock
Well ain't it strange how they walk on by


I can't stand the way you look at me
So stay away, just go away
All those hateful things you said to me
So stay away, just go away
Well I've never liked you anyways
So stay away, just go away
I'm still trying to get those hateful things you said
Out of my head
Track Name: Scabs
Can't wipe the truth out from my eyes
It's all ok, everything's fine
This house of cards was built on lies
It's out of sight, it's out of mind

The ground you worship is soaked in blood
This place is just an oozing scab
Grinding your bones into the mud
Mocking the life you could have had